Abrasive granularity of grinding wheel jam

- Sep 15, 2017-

There are some problems in the process of using the grinding wheel, in particular, the longer the use of the problem will be more, one of the grinding wheel congestion is a kind of grinding wheel, the cause of the blockage there are many kinds of, such as abrasive, line speed and hardness, abrasive strength can cause the wheel jam, today we come to understand, Effect of abrasive strength on the blockage of grinding wheel:

Different grinding wheels, such as diamond grinding wheel, diamond grinding wheel and so on, have their own different shape and density of abrasive grains, as well as the size, so that in the grinding when the blockage of the situation is not the same, generally speaking, fine and dense abrasive particles to cause blockage. Because of the fine-grained grinding wheel, the grain density is high, the gap between the abrasive grains is small, the diameter of the grinding wheel is also small, grinding abrasive grains, grinding and cutting more, and then in the cutting process products produced by a relatively small amount of debris, these pores and voids, will soon be grinding the grinding wheel and powder to fill up, coupled with less stomata, The heat produced by grinding wheel and workpiece is more difficult to disperse, thus speeding up the grinding heat increase, easy to melt away some powder, so that the powder is easy to bond in the clearance of the grinding wheel, and coarse abrasive grinding wheel, its abrasive grains are not so small, individual large, cutting edge, a large amount of cutting, The cutting block is not easy to jam between the debris voids and the pores, the gap between the grains is also relatively wide, large chips, not so quickly filled, the blowhole is not easy to plug, then the cooling system is relatively intact, such coarse-grained grinding wheel in the front of the grinding is more than fine grain slowly, but to the latter stage, That is, when the pores and voids of the grinding wheel are filled with debris and powder, coarse-grained grinding wheel is more likely to cause blockage than fine-grained grinding wheel, because at this time, fine-grained grinding wheel is better than coarse-grained, so coarse-grained grinding wheel jam is more serious.

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