Abrasive of Grinding Wheel

- Sep 15, 2017-

There are many kinds of grinding wheel, each have their own different application, manufacturing process and binder is different, so each kind of grinding wheel will be their own characteristics and different applications. Below, we will explain the abrasive and particle size of the grinding wheel.


Abrasive is the most important indicator of grinding wheel, grinding wheel processing is to rely on it, without it is equal to no grinding wheel this product. Abrasive selection requirements are more stringent, the grinding wheel in the friction with the workpiece temperature is very high, abrasive can not stand so high temperature, will soon melt away, so high temperature is it necessary; many of the grinding products are metal, some are very hard, and abrasive hardness is not high, back to grinding, grinding wheel hardness requirements are higher The grinding time between the grinding wheel and the workpiece is not instantaneous, it requires a certain amount of time, so it has a strong toughness. By the above several characteristics may know that the abrasive selection will be what: Diamond, corundum, silicon nitride and so on, these materials are the most hard in the world, they have a strong wear resistance, high temperature resistance, and the corresponding toughness. A variety of grinding wheels are produced through different bonding agents and manufacturing processes.

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