Disadvantages of traditional technology of grinding wheel

- Sep 15, 2017-

With the continuous progress of science and technology, a variety of production and processing technology is also constantly upgrading, the traditional technology has been abandoned, of course, abandoned is the traditional technology of the shortcomings of the grinding wheel to speak of the shortcomings of traditional technology:

After roasting and curing the grinding wheel, the size, shape and the position of each surface are not up to the technical requirements of the use, and must be turned, rubbed and grind. The use of grinding wheel units is also due to the need for production and grinding wheel specifications and the use of the requirements do not match, also need to turn. Because of objective technical reasons, most of the domestic and foreign traditional knife bowl used to turn. In the process of using it, the grinding wheel rotates with a high wire speed (300~400m/min) to drive the quenching of the 45th steel thin-walled knife bowl, and carries out the knife to remove the excess amount of the wheel. Because of the high speed rotation of the grinding wheel and the knife bowl, the dust and noise in the processing are very big, the cutting depth and the feed rate are very small, so the processing efficiency is low and the comprehensive cost is high, the operator labor intensity is big. such as the use of large-grained diamond tools, expensive, and because of the low flexural strength of diamond, easy to damage the cutting, resulting in the cutting of the grinding wheel cutting depth and feed is very small, generally only in the finishing process.

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