Firing temperature range of grinding wheel

- Sep 15, 2017-

The grinding wheel carries on the high temperature stability test of diamond abrasive, it is found that the diamond abrasive will be oxidized in air atmosphere when the ℃ is higher than 700, and the diamond abrasive is damaged. The degree of thermal damage of diamond abrasive at high temperature is related to the grade and granularity of diamond abrasive, the lower the grade and the finer the granularity in the same temperature. The higher the thermal damage of diamond abrasive is, the more the engineer changes the sintering process to reduce the thermal damage of diamond abrasive by 750 ℃ high temperature.

According to the thermal stability of the diamond abrasive, the sintering temperature of the grinding wheel and the range of the fire resistance of the binder are determined, and the reaction of several oxides to the diamond abrasive is analyzed by the principle of the free energy generation of oxides, and the chemical composition of the binder is determined. According to the glass structure theory, the content of each component in the binder was determined, and the binder formula was determined and applied to industrial production.

Grinding Wheel Binder is the most important raw material in grinding wheel production. The preparation process of the binder. The process of preparation of binder was determined, the effects of different heating curves on the properties of smelting binder were discussed, and it was found that only when the crystallization water and the decomposable material in the binder raw material were decomposed completely and then reached the smelting temperature, the binder was stable and the performance of the binder was tested. The binder of smelting is low in fire resistance (580-630 ℃), the coefficient of thermal expansion is small (7.2-8) 0~*10~ (-6) ℃~ (-1), High flexural strength (45-58MPA), large control strength of diamond abrasive grains, suitable for the manufacture of diamond grinding wheels with ceramic binder for grinding diamond composite films.

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