Grinding Wheel Vibration is a great enemy of dressing

- Sep 15, 2017-

In the grinding wheel dressing, it is very important to reduce the vibration effectively and avoid the dressing marks, collision and damage dressing tools on the surface of the grinding wheel. This means that the wheel balance must also be maintained, which is determined by the structural characteristics of the wheel itself. Uneven density and the shape of the whole wheel will affect the inherent balance of a grinding wheel. Therefore, it is also important to choose a high quality grinding wheel. If it is a high quality grinding wheel, the proper installation will keep the grinding wheel well balanced. According to the manufacturer's instructions, the grinding wheel is marked with an upward arrow indicating the light end of the grinding wheel after a coarse balance. Then the user can root out the arrow instructions, pay attention to trimming the grinding wheel, so that it achieves dynamic balance. The coolant is raised evenly and sometimes helps the wheel balance.

In order to prevent vibration as much as possible, the operator is required to make the dressing tool firmly clamped on the clamp seat and to retain the minimum amount of drape, only so that the dressing tool has strong enough rigidity. If the diamond tool in the dressing process is not firmly clamped, it will inevitably cause vibration, resulting in serious noise, so that the surface of the parts produced a small ripple, resulting in the parts of the surface tension and repair tools caused some damage.

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