Grinding wheels with different binder

- Sep 15, 2017-

Ceramic Bonding agent. The bonding strength of this kind of binder is better than that of resin. After the formation of abrasives, working surface chip performance is good, so not easy to plug, cutting sharp, high grinding efficiency, as well as the small amount of thermal expansion, easy to control the processing accuracy, these characteristics are conducive to the smooth grinding process. In the shaping and trimming of abrasive tools, it is relatively easy to operate, generally used in rough grinding, half fine grinding, as well as large contact surface forming grinding, so the ceramic binder is an increasingly extensive application of a binder. The stability of ceramic binder combined with diamond abrasive is good, and good market and reputation are obtained in the field of ceramic binder cubic boron nitride grinding wheel. With the combination of ceramic binder and diamond abrasive, the difficulty coefficient is quite large, and the research and development of ceramic binder diamond grinding wheel is hindered.
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