Keep the wheel cool

- Sep 15, 2017-

Proper use of coolant can speed up the dressing speed and improve the dressing efficiency. According to experience, a 3/8-inch diameter coolant can be used to remove a lot of heat from the dresser and prolong the life of the dresser. When the diamond dressing tool passes through the grinding wheel, a coolant nozzle is installed, filling the surface of the wheel or continuously filling the coolant to the diamond dressing tool. Never allow trimming tools to exit from coolant when dressing tools and grinding wheel contacts begin to be trimmed. Otherwise, the diamond dressing tool will cause crack or rupture in the extreme temperature changes of cold and heat.

The filter is used to filter the coolant with high precision to avoid the multiple cycles of dirt or chips in the coolant. The polluted coolant can make the grinding wheel wear quickly and increase the dressing times of the grinding wheel. Dry dressing of the wheel is only possible when dry grinding (in this case, the cooling of the diamond trimming tool can be interrupted). After the day off, turn off the coolant and leave the wheel idling for a few minutes. This will prevent the grinding wheel from breaking.

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