Resion bonded abrasive wheels

- Nov 20, 2017-

  Resin cutting wheels is a combination of resion and various materials, cutting and processing of hard cutting materials such as alloy and stainless steel, specially the cutting performance. The cutting method is divided iinto two kinds: Dry cutting and wet cutting. The cutting precision of resin bonded cutting wheels is more stable, and can greatly improve the cutting efficiency and save the factory production cost.

The features of resin bonded abrasive wheels

1, Safe, the strength of resin bonded abrasive wheels are higher, and the additional of glass fiber net can improve the safeness, which is suitable for handed power tools.

2, Sharp, high work efficiency, lower working time and cost savings.

3, Wear-resistant, resin bonded abrasive wheels have excellent wear resistant, cost reduction

4, Environmental protection, no rubber smell, avoid air pollution.

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