The reason and solution of grinding wheel use rupture

- Sep 15, 2017-

Insufficient inspection of grinder or improper machine tool

Problem one: bearing loose, spindle bending, grinding machine accuracy significantly reduced

Solution: Check and repair the grinder, seek to improve its accuracy

Problem two: the shaft diameter of the grinding wheel is too small

Solution: If there is a grinding wheel equal to the shaft size, use a grinding wheel equivalent to this

Problem three: rough grinding or grinding wheel usage error

Solution: Rely on the guidance of skilled persons or the use of grinding wheel to do the correct grinding work

Side grinding with unsuitable grinding wheel

When grinding grinding wheels outside the grinding wheel, the grinding wheel (bowl-shaped wheel, etc.) must be used for side grinding.

Change of grinding wheel quality

Problem: Grinding wheel when encountering flood or fire, resin binder, rubber binder grinding wheel and so on to change the quality

Solution: Confirm the way to enter the wheel, properly keep in mind the manufacturing date of the grinding wheel, the inspection before using strictly

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