The rotary strength of the grinding wheel is qualified

- Sep 15, 2017-

The quality of the wheel is related to life, the quality of the grinding wheel usually does not occur, it will not threaten the lives of people, on the contrary, poor quality of the grinding wheel is a threat to human life, the grinding wheel strength unqualified how will affect the health of human life?

The rotational strength refers to the ability of the grinding wheel to withstand the rupture under the centrifugal force, which reflects the tensile stress of the grinding wheel, which is a very important index in the manufacture and use of the grinding wheel. In order to ensure the safe use of the wheel, the standard of rotation strength unqualified as a "fatal defect", that is, "the user or the equipment is dangerous or unsafe defects." The sampling inspection scheme is a sample number $literal, receiving several ac=0, rejecting several rc=1, that is to spot check 10 pieces of wheel rotation strength must be all qualified, as long as there is a piece of unqualified, that is to determine the unqualified. Over the years the quality inspection found that the fiber-reinforced resin sheet grinding wheel and the cymbal-shaped wheel of the rotational strength is not ideal, some lower than the maximum operating speed, some did not meet the prescribed speed of the rotary test rupture; some have reached the test speed but cannot maintain 30s.

Fiber-reinforced resin sheet grinding wheel and cymbal-shaped grinding wheel in use, many for hand-held cutting grinding, operator and grinding wheel distance, so once the rotation strength caused by the grinding wheel in the cutting or grinding process broken, very easy to cause personal casualties accident.

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