A Wide Variety Of Grinding Wheels

- Sep 15, 2017-

The variety of the wheel is very much, many to countless, there are so many types of classification, we can hardly remember so many kinds of grinding wheel, but we can't remember all of them, we could remember a part of it, the grinding wheel consists of binder, abrasive and matrix, three elements of different components can form a variety of grinding wheel, Thus its classification is also more diverse, according to the binder can be divided into resin grinding wheel, ceramic binder wheel, rubber binder grinding wheel; According to the shape can be divided into cylindrical grinding wheel, cup-shaped grinding wheel, bowl-shaped grinding wheel, butterfly wheel, bevel wheel, parallel grinding wheel, etc. according to the abrasive to separate diamond grinding wheel, diamond grinding wheel, boron nitride grinding wheel and tungsten steel grinding wheel, etc.

The material used to bond abrasives in a grinding wheel is called a binder. The strength, impact resistance, heat resistance and corrosion resistance of the grinding wheel are mainly determined by the performance of the binder.

Wheel Logo: Grinding wheel and other products have their own logo, their logo are what, below for you one by one explanation.

The shape of the wheel is indicated by spa; the outer diameter is expressed in the first letter d of the English word, of course the hole diameter is also D, because the diameter of the wheel is the first letter H; abrasive is the first letter of the abrasive of the grinding wheel; the hardness is expressed in L, and the binder is expressed in B. There are other direct data to express, in this is not enumerated.

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