Application Of Superhard Abrasive Grinding Tools

- Sep 15, 2017-

Diamond is currently known in the world as hard material, but natural stone Resources Limited, mining difficulties, expensive. Now the research and development of synthetic diamond as a substitute for natural diamond is emphasized.

The grinding performance of synthetic diamond is good. The grinding wheel consumes less, but has high requirements and is not suitable for large-load peeling. Natural diamond abrasive grinding performance is not as good as man-made diamond abrasives, grinding wheel loss, high cost, but can be used for greater grinding dosage.

Because of its high hardness, diamond abrasive so wear resistance is good, angular front sharp, friction factor small but more than 600-700 of the temperature, its carbon atoms easily spread to iron dead material to form carbonized iron, will accelerate diamond wear, it is not suitable for grinding steel and other plastic materials.

Cubic chlorination Group (CBN) is another new superhard material. It is involved in the catalyst for high temperature and high pressure conditions, cubic boron chloride is the cube crystal, its hardness is corundum 1.5 times times, the bribery is lower than diamond, but can withstand high temperature, its thermal stability and chemical stability are better than diamond, therefore, cubic boron chloride abrasive abrasives for the processing of hard and ductile metal. However, it is easy to react with water under high temperature conditions, so it is generally used for dry grinding.

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