Development Prospect Of Grinding Wheel

- Sep 15, 2017-

Early in the Neolithic age, humans had begun to use natural grinding stones to process stone knives, the stone axe, the bone, the horn and the tooth instrument and so on; long ago, the human discovered the ceramic grinding wheel which uses the natural abrasive and the clay to combine the sintering; Around 1900, artificial abrasives came into being, and all kinds of grinding wheels made by man-made abrasives were produced successively, It has created conditions for the rapid development of grinding and grinding machines. Since then, the grinding wheel in the proportion of abrasive has gradually increased.

At present, the production of many hardware products in the world first, therefore, belongs to the metal industry-class grinding wheel will naturally play a vital role, the grinding wheel to strengthen the production of technological innovation, improve the level of production technology, to open constraints on enterprise product innovation and enterprise technology, "bottleneck", The new grinding wheel is applied to the existing equipment of the enterprise in time to prolong its technical life, improve its efficiency and ensure the product quality at the source of production.

With the rapid development of China's economy in recent years, the technical innovation of grinding wheel has been strengthened, it will become the largest category of abrasive abrasives in China in the future, at the same time, because of the unique advantages of grinding wheel in the late grinding industry chain, it has greatly promoted the application of grinding wheel in polishing. According to analysis, to 2015, China will surpass France to become the world's largest abrasive market, preliminary forecast, China Abrasives products will occupy the world abrasive abrasives additional product demand of 3/5, and grinding wheel as abrasive abrasive products One of the main product, but also face a better development situation.

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