Five Steps For Proper Installation Of Grinding Wheel

- Sep 15, 2017-

The grinding wheel is to be installed before it is put into use. The correct installation is to ensure the grinding wheel normal and lasting good operation of the basic work, if the grinding wheel installation error, not only will affect the normal work and efficiency of the grinding wheel, and even shorten the service life of the wheel, damage on the spot, this is how tragic things, the newly bought grinding wheel has not been used Therefore, we must pay attention to the installation of grinding wheel, let us introduce the five steps of the correct installation of the grinding wheel, we hope to help you:

(1) Check whether the characteristics of the grinding wheel meet the requirements of the use, whether the grinding wheel and spindle size match.

(2) The grinding wheel is freely assembled on the spindle of the grinding wheel and cannot be extruded. The diameter of the grinding wheel is suitable for the spindle and the chuck to avoid too large or too small. Clean with surface, no sundries.

(3) The chuck of the wheel should be symmetrical and the radial width of the pressing surface should be equal. The pressure surface is straight, and the wheel side contact is full, the clamping is solid, prevents the grinding wheel two side to be deformed and even fractured by the unbalanced force action.

(4) The Chuck and the grinding wheel end face should be sandwiched between a certain thickness of flexible material liner (such as asbestos rubber sheet, flexible cardboard or leather, etc.), so that the clamping force evenly distributed.

(5) The tightness of the wheel should be tight enough to drive the grinding wheel not to produce a sliding suitable, not too tight. When using multiple bolts to tighten the hard disk, the diagonal alignment sequence should be uniformly tightened to prohibit fastening bolts along the circumferential direction, or to tighten one bolt at a time. The fastening wheel chuck can only use the standard plate hand, prohibit to use the long spanner or use the Beat method to enlarge the tightening force.

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