Grinding Wheel Slow Feed To Large Depth Cutting

- Sep 15, 2017-

Slow feed to large cut deep grinding also known as deep grinding or pupa dynamic grinding it is a large cutting depth (up to 30M or more) and very low worktable feed grinding workpiece, through one or several times can be grinded to the required size shape accuracy, suitable for grinding high hardness and toughness materials, such as heat, stainless steel, high-speed steel and other types of surface and groove. In recent years, Germany, the United States, Japan, Switzerland developed a series of special slow-drawing grinding machine, and the name of the product also added to the aid of the grinding function C-DC motor and rolling screw of the general forced use, but also to promote the practical ease. The research and application of slow feed in China has also achieved obvious results:

When the Sui Jin to the yuppie cutting. The grinding wheel and the outer rim of the workpiece are only touched once or several times, the impact chance is less than the general reciprocating grinding, which can prolong the durability of the grinding wheel and maintain its forming precision. After the whole deep forming grinding, the grinding precision can be improved by combining the coarse grinding with the small heat load in a certain reciprocating grinding process.

Deep slow feed depth grinding is characterized by the contact arc of the grinding wheel and workpiece growing, long chip. The workpiece surface burn phenomenon should be avoided: the workpiece feed speed is very low when deep grinding, which is relatively small when the radial feed speed of the grinding wheel is lower than the radial wear of the phase. This is a great advantage for the complex forming of the rough and shoot grinding.

The cutting depth of the grinding wheel is about 1000 times times larger than that of normal grinding, and its grinding force is 2-4 times higher than that of normal grinding (at the same metal removal rate).

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