Micro Dressing Wheel

- Sep 15, 2017-

In order to reduce the dressing time, it seems that there is always a temptation to choose a greater depth of repair. This is an extremely wrong idea. You must select the most appropriate depth to trim the wheel. Choosing too much depth of repair will produce high cutting temperature, reduce the service life of the dresser, and remove the useful grinding wheel layer. The end result is that the dresser and the wheel are both damaged and counterproductive. The best amount of dressing is to restore the geometrical shape of the wheel and produce a good grinding blade.

With the single point dressing tool, the diameter direction of the grinding wheel should be contacted by the 10-15o angle of the axis line. This will enable the single point dressing tool to produce a sharpened effect when rotated periodically. The trimming tool with multiple touches does not need to tilt this angle. The whole end face of the trimming tool is contacted with the surface of the grinding wheel.

The transverse moving speed is the speed at which the trimming tool passes through the surface of the grinding wheel. It plays a key role in the surface roughness and metal cutting rate of the machined parts. The lateral movement speed is too slow, will block the grinding wheel, damage the surface roughness of the parts and metal cutting rate. Too slow transverse moving speeds can also cause grinding wheel vibrations and burn parts on the surface. Even faster transverse moving speed can trim out good grinding wheel surface, improve grinding performance of grinding wheel, increase grinding efficiency and reduce surface roughness of parts.

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