The Characteristics Of Abrasive Grinding

- Sep 15, 2017-

With the development of science and technology, in aerospace, aviation, shipbuilding and machinery industry, more and more common use of high-strength, high hardness materials, and these materials with ordinary abrasives often difficult to process, in this case, the production and development of Superhard abrasives.

Superhard abrasive abrasives are made of diamond and cubic boron nitride as the main components of the abrasive. Its advantages are highlighted in the following aspects.

1. Can be processed by ordinary abrasives difficult to process the high hardness material section.

2. In the process of wear less, under the reasonable conditions of use, can obtain good economic results.

3. Abrasives shape, size changes slowly, long service life, so little trimming, can prolong the time to maintain a sharp cutting edge, so high grinding efficiency, less power consumption.

4. Low grinding temperature, can be less city and avoid workpiece cracks and burns and other defects.

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